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Here are a few examples of ledgestone from Bedrock Landscape and Boulder Supply. Click thumbnails to view large image


Here are some more examples of the wide variety of products we are excited to be able to bring to you.
Many of these products and items are on hand and available for immediate delivery.

We add to our inventory regularly. Some of the most incredible and unique pieces and products are still to come.
You too can own a piece of history.

When you purchase from Bedrock Landscape and Boulder Supply, be assured your projects will be the center of attention at your home or business. Your family, friends, customers and clients won't be able to ignore the unique and unusual character of the stone in your special project.

It's not often when you find yourself in a conversation with someone centering around the choice of the rock that was used on your walls, fireplace, in your landscaping or in any of it's other many uses.

We will present to you as much history and information as we can about your particular purchase along with photographs both old and new, when available.

We want you to be able to share the excitement and passion we have found when you explain to others the history behind your project.

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Post Rock
Post Rock was first quarried around the 1860's. All of our posts come from original fence lines and are quite old. Although the average weight of each is 350 to 450 pounds, there are some in the 200 pound range, and some that exceed 500 pounds. Again there are no two alike. With the drill marks, the various fossils and the variety of lichens and mosses, they are all very unique and one of a kind. The uses for these posts are unlimited. They can be left whole, cut, shaped, carved or drilled to suit your individual needs. And when you incorporate them with some of our other limestone products, which come in many sizes, shapes and thicknesses, you'll find this will help to create that special project.

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The block we offer all come from the remains of old homes, barns, walls etc. and come in many sizes, shapes and thicknesses. Fossils are embedded throughout most of the pieces. They range from the older naturally quarried pieces, to hand worked and shaped block in a wide variety of styles. Some of the block is available in large quantities, while others, due to their uniqueness, will be more limited. As our business grows, so will our inventory. Be sure to watch our web site for new products.

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Our slab pieces also are embedded with fossils and come in all sizes, shapes and thicknesses. Their uses can range from garden steps and walkways, to benches, table tops, and much more. Again these can be used with our other products to create larger creative areas. These too are historic pieces from old sites. Like most of our products, many are covered with lichens and mosses. And some of them have notches, holes or other markings created by stone masons, many years ago, during construction, depending on the use or application. These would make any project special and unique

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Shell Rock
Shell Rock got its name from the abundance of fossils, and is usually loaded with them. They also come in different sizes, shapes and thicknesses and are great for veneers, floors, walkways and more. Lichen and moss can also be found on much of this product. But they can easily be pressure washed, when desirable, to clean and bring out the beauty as well as highlight these wonderful fossils. Many stone sealants and coatings are available on the market for protection and appearance purposes.

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Specialty Pieces
We have a variety of special items, from lintels (headers), quoins (corners), sills, and other very unique pieces. Some are single pieces, one of a kind, and others may have two or more matching pieces. Some items such as quoins may come in larger quantities. As we add to our inventory, you'll be able to go over our list of items and choose the style and quantity that suites your needs. Most of these items will be sold as packages, having come from one particular site around which you can create your special project. . You will be the only one with that particular piece or group of pieces. Your project will truly be an original.

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Another rock product we have on hand is sandstone. This stone comes from the same general area in which we acquire our limestone products. We are collecting a variety of slabs and other various size pieces. These are sometimes referred to as moss rock because of the abundance of colorful mosses that often prefer the sandstone over limestone. They make wonderful yard decor. Although limestone is more common, and is the stone of choice for most buildings, homes, barns, walls, etc. sandstone was also used. We will also be adding other sandstone items, such as block and other products from the remains of old structures. A great deal depends on the geographical location, and what type of stone is readily at hand. In these areas we have found that sandstone was used for much of the same building needs and many structures have a mix of limestone and sandstone in the construction. This makes a beautiful combination.

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Sandstone Concretions (round rocks)
These unusually shaped rocks, known as concretions may be formed from any of a number of minerals. Concretions from this area consist primarily of calcite, limonite, barite, pyrite, and silica, the last in the form of opal, chert, chalcedony, or quartz. They come in a variety of colors. Some are made up of combinations of minerals creating bands or layers of mutable colors. The shapes vary from round or oval, to long and narrow. These concretions can range from the smallest, being as small as a head of a pin, to many feet across weighing many tons. They were formed many thousands of years ago from air pockets underground. Then, sediments filled in the pockets and hardened. Being harder and denser than the surrounding material, they readily withstood weathering and erosion. These are rare and limited, but we have a nice selection of sizes and colors in stock at this time, at least while they last.

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These are not natural caves that most people are familiar with. These were some of the very first dwellings or shelters built by the first settlers to the area. "Caves" is the term given to them by the people in the area. They provided protection from storms and tornadoes and stayed cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The barn was the next structure to be built. This was to protect their stock and crop items as well as equipment and supplies. The house usually came last. At this point the cave would serve as a root cellar for the storing of canned food items, roots, fruit and other staples.
We are working on making these caves available for your own personal root or wine cellar. They would be dismantled and reconstructed at your desired location. More information on this will be forthcoming on this site soon.


Introducing some new and exciting limestone products to the area for your
building and landscaping needs.

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